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Hand4Hand and Wecare - Tayyib
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Halal Ready to Eat Meals
Tasty and Localized
We have over 70 international recipes developed
Preparedness and Long shelf life
Store Large Volumes of Halal Meals
Easy to Distribute
Worldwide Delivery to any Needy Areas

About Tayyib Foods

We are the region's first manufacturer of 100% Halal Meals Ready to Eat (MRE). We service a wide customer base of Humanitarian, Emergency and Relief agencies globally in this sector. In addition, we also support Individual Donors and Corporates in their Philanthropic and CSR efforts.

One of our major differentiators as a leading food manufacturing company is in the quality and specialization of our Proprietary Technology and world class Management team.

Tayyib meals grew from a great idea, hard work, and ingenuity!

Featured Products...

Chicken Biryani

Our Chicken Biryani is made with steam cooked, boneless 100% HALAL chicken and g...

Chicken Kabsa

We prepare our Chicken Kabsa using steam cooked, boneless, 100% HALAL chicken an...

Beef Kabsa

Our Beef Kabsa is a spin on our Chicken Kabsa. It is prepared using steam cooked...

Chicken Fried Rice

Chicken Fried rice is an Asian classic and makes for the ultimate comfort food. ...

Chicken Pasta White Sauce

Our Pasta with Chicken and White Sauce is made with steam cooked boneless 100% H...

Chicken with Potatoes

Chicken with Potatoes is made using 100% HALAL chicken and large chunks of potat...


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