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Flood Hit Families Get a Taste of DRDOs Ready-to-Eat Food
(News: 11-30-2015 )

CHENNAI:  “What is it?” asked a girl out of curiosity after receiving a ready-to-eat food packet distributed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) to flood-hit families in the city.

“This is food. You just have to boil it and eat,” said Ilaiyaraja, a scientist with DRDO in Mysuru. He was distributing the packets to 100 families at the Corporation Model Primary School in Saidapet. Soon enough, many started calling it with the name they are most familiar with - Maggi.

“We have 10 varieties of food,” said Ilayaraja, adding that each packet provides 500 to 600 kilo calories. On an average, the daily intake of food is 2,500 kilo calories. “We do research and ensure the food has carbohydrate, protein and lipids,” he explains. Ilaiyaraja’s team has till now distributed three tonnes of food. “Immediately after getting the request from the State Government, the Centre asked us to prepare 10 tonnes of food to be distributed in the State. But since the floods have receded, we have limited the aid to three tonnes,” he said.

The ready-to-eat food might be new to Chennaiites, but many parts of the State had a taste of it decade ago during tsunami relief operations. “The food has a shelf life of one year thanks to the three layers of packaging - aluminium, nylon and polyethylene ,” he explained. The Defence Food Research Lab has also extended help to the flood-hit in Jammu and Kashmir and several other parts of India.