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Tajikistan, Yemen thank king for aid
(News: 04-03-2016 )

RIYADH: The King Salman Relief Center (KSRC) has been praised for providing further aid to support those hit by a devastating earthquake in Tajikistan and for the rebuilding of Yemen.
This week, the KSRC launched the third phase of its aid to Tajikistan, which had been devastated by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake that hit the Gorno-Badakhshan region, destroying 1,327 houses and displacing 7,962 people.

Earlier, Abdullah Al-Rabeeah, KSRC head, told local media that the aid included 300 food parcels and 18 tons of coal delivered to the city of Rushan in the presence of Saudi Embassy representatives and the Tajik Red Crescent Society.

Meanwhile, Mohamed Al-Maitami, Yemen’s minister of planning and international cooperation and chairman of the reconstruction and development committee, thanked King Salman for the aid.
Al-Maitami said Saudi Arabia had provided 60 percent of all the relief flowing to the country. He made the comment in a press statement following his meeting with Al-Rabeeah.

He said no words could express the gratitude of millions of Yemeni people who have benefited from the aid from the King Salman and several international organizations.
He said the aid would help reconstruct the country at a time when Yemenis were facing hard and difficult times. There would be support provided for every home in every village, he was quoted as saying by the local media.

“The committee for the reconstruction and development of Yemen came to meet the officials at the center to discuss the second phase of the aid for my country,” he said.
He thanked the center’s chief executive officer Maher Al-Hadrawi and all its employees for their efforts. The two sides discussed also the role the center could play in the urgent reconstruction of Taiz, Marib and Jouf.