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Thousands Fed Tayyib Halal Ready to Eat Meals During Hajj
(Press Releases: 09-30-2015)

DUBAI, September 30, 2015 

Temperatures in Makkah reached 45 degree this Hajj. With over 2 million pilgrims on foot, food needed to be brought to them while they are on the move. Fresh food doesn't last long at all. Health and safety of the pilgrim is of utmost concern. The Saudi Health ministry advises to 'keep away from the uncovered food' , going on to say that  'cooked food should be eaten immediately after cooking'  and ' avoid storing cooked food in buses for long when moving from on Hajj site to another. This is one of the major triggers of food poisoning during Hajj'.  Now there is a solution to all these challenges.  Tayyib Ready to Eat meals, #tayyibmeals, come in strong and safe pouches which last up to 1 year even in hot weather.  They can be easily distributed, carried and kept to be consumed later. It is the ideal solution to feed nutritional and tasty meals to the pilgrims on the move.  One Makkah organization saw the real value of Tayyib Halal Ready to Eat meals made in United Arab Emirates by Saahtain Foods. It distributed tens of thousands to the needy pilgrims on the move.

Pilgrims in Makkah with Tayyib Halal Ready to Eat Meals (PRNewsFoto/Saahtain Foods)

For Saahtain Foods, this translates into their philosophy of "Feed Easy, Halal Relief" and encapsulates those values as all of the food prepared are easily mobile, accessible, and sustainable and are produced entirely in the UAE.  

'We are humbled to be part of a solution to the challenges of feeding millions of pilgrims during Hajj. We will carry on innovating and providing solutions to Muslim travelers and those in need through continuous product development', says Zahra Mahmood, Director of Saahtain Foods.  'We take pride in the fact that we are the first and only manufacturer of Halal and Tayyib Ready to Eat meals in the gulf region'.

Saahtain Foods is based in United Arab Emirates, the heart of growing Islamic Economy. The company has once again successfully accomplished a first of its kind 'Made in UAE' initiative. For the first time the company has successfully converted 'Adhahi' ("sacrificial)" meat into meat and rice based meals.  Raw meat was given by those that sacrificed the animal; Saahtain Foods cooked and processed the meat into Ready to Eat meals. These meals are now sent to the needy all over the world, include European Refugees in Serbia. It will be a genuine #RefugeesWelcome.