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Mubadala distributes Tayyib Meals
(Press Releases: 07-07-2014)

Mubadala today as part of its Ramadan campaign donated Tayyib brand of ready-to-eat meals from
Saahtain Foods to feed poor people. Saahtain Foods FZ LLC is a UAE company supplying halal ready to
eat meals for humanitarian causes at low cost.
Tayyib meals, pre-cooked halal meals, are ready to eat once opened. Free from any artificial additive or
preservatives they offer a healthy, tasty and nutritious meal for those in need. The special packaging
means easy transportation and long shelf life ensuring safe consumption in any remote location.
CEO Adeel Khan noted that "we are very proud to have supported Mubadala in its charitable Ramadan
program". "Our low cost, safe, transportable ready-to-eat meals are a highly effective way of feeding
those in need where ever they may be?, he adds.
"Feeding the needy is often a difficult and costly endeavor?, notes Company Chairman Khalid Howladar,
? partnering with the leading donors and distributors with Tayyib food pouches helps ease the charitable
provision of halal food wherever it is needed."
Tayyib is a social enterprise that supports the charitable provision of ready-to-eat halal food pouches to
the needy from start to finish.
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