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Emirates Foundation distributes 1,000 Tayyib Meals Ready to Eat
(Press Releases: 12-04-2014)

Abu Dhabi: Emirates Foundation and Saahtain Foods distributed 1,000 Meals Ready to Eat to the poor and needy. Volunteers from Emirates Foundation and Saahtain Foods employees set up a stall in the Mina Zayed area of Abu Dhabi today morning. Hundreds of poor fisherman and other workers gathered around the stall to receive free Meals Ready to Eat. Specially manufactured Tayyib Meals to Ready Eat were very much appreciated by the beneficiaries because they don’t require cooking and there is no special requirement to store the meals. Celebrating the spirit of the Union for the 43rd National Day, Saahtain Foods believes that true Emirati culture is a foundation of nationalism where the society is built on the principles of working hard and taking care of the underprivileged. "Feeding the needy is often a difficult and costly endeavor’, notes Adeel Khan, CEO of Saahtain Foods, “ partnering with the leading organization like Emirates Foundation and distributing with Tayyib food pouches helps ease the charitable provision of halal food wherever it is needed." Sanid, a program by Emirates Foundation and National Emergency Crises and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA) reinforces the national emergency relief response during large-scale crises and disasters and provides well-trained emergency response volunteers capable of assisting local and national authorities in the event of a crisis or emergency situation.

About Emirates Foundation

Emirates Foundation is an independent philanthropic organization set up by the Government of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to facilitate public-private funded initiatives.
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About Saahtain Foods

Saahtain Foods is a region’s first company which makes 100% Halal, 100% Natural, highly nutritional Meals Ready to Eat pouches that uses NASA technology to preserve food. We service a wide customer base of Humanitarian, Emergency and Relief agencies globally in this sector. In addition, we also support Individual Donors and Corporates in their Philanthropic and CSR efforts
Jane Pereira, Media Relations
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